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Find the Perfect Swimsuit For Memorial Day Fun!

22 May

With Memorial Day coming, is your water wardrobe ready?

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and that means lot’s of summer activities, especially going to the beach or hanging out by the pool.

So how is your swimsuit situation?

Luckily, I’m always here to help!  I’ve put together a small sampling of perfectly fashionable swimsuits for the whole family!

First up, the ladies: Athleta & Macy’s

Athleta is home to a variety of designs, particularly for anyone who spends as much time in the water as they do exercising on the beach.  I wanted to include them since I know many of you like an athletic look to a swimsuit and one that is designed to stay on in the surf.

However, if you’re looking for a more traditional design, Macy’s has a positively huge selection to choose from!

For the guys, Macy’s is also my suggestion for the perfect pair of trunks!

And for the wee-ones, Naartjie Kids has some adorable swimwear for the summer! You might want to get two they’re so cute!

There you have it! A style for everyone in the family.

Let me know if you need ANY help finding the perfect style for your body type and I would be happy to help in any way I can.

Remember your sunblock!


Sephora Summer Skin Sense!

23 Jul

Summer time can be a hard time for our skin – yes, we are finding ourselves happy to be away from the winter dryness, but summer also has its fair share of damaging effects, mostly from the harsh sun.  Summer skin care is very important and Sephora is one of the best places you can go for some seriously good remedies, beauty products, and self-tanners – all to keep your skin looking and feeling amazing!

1. First thing is first:  SUN SCREEN
An all natural sunscreen with SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection.

What it does:
This body cream uses a new generation of mineral sunscreens for broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Infused with green tea, organic shea butter, and soothing cucumber, this luxurious formula works to hydrate, nourish and protect.


Just like you prime a wall before you paint it, you can prime your face before you apply foundation!
Plus, primers work as a moisturizer too that ease the application of foundation to your skin that created a barrier between the two.  Let your skin breathe with primer!
Choose the best for you:

Regular, Hydrating,  Oil free, Mineral, or Radiance


3.  Sunless Self-Tanners
Protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but still get that beautiful kissed by the sun look!
A nourishing self tanner that gradually provides a sunkissed look without the damaging side effects.

Get a radiant, glowing tan in three days with this gradual formula.


My personal favorite:
$54.00 ($77 value)
A complimentary collection of St. Tropez products for achieving a flawless bronzed glow anytime of the year.


4.  Cleansing System
A kit that pairs the travel-friendly Mia 2 with Carisonic’s Acne Cleansing Brush Head and Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser for clearer skin.
Sonic Breakthrough! Extra plush bristles to flush pores with an ultra-gentle cleansing action that is perfect for sensitive and compromised skin.


5. Renewing Enzyme Mask
A luxurious, aromatic gel mask that will renew and condition sensitive skin.

What is it formulated to do:
This potently calming blend of lavender, papaya enzyme, blueberries, and blackberries gently polishes the skin, relieving facial stress and delivering smooth results.


A few of my MUST-TRYS!

A super moisturizing formula for dry skin with shea butter and fruit liquid fig.

A super-hero strength skin smoothing spa body polish.

A creamy clarifying shower gel with natural mandarin peel extract and built in lotion.

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Rainbow Sandals: Your feet will thank you!

29 May

“It began over 35 years ago. It was another beautiful day at the beach…when i saw yet another broken sandal littering the very beach I was enjoying. It gave me an idea. Why not make a better sandal, one that would last a long time and be comfortable? So the process began. I researched and experimented until the formula was just right. The final product was Rainbow Sandals, quality sandals that are second to none.”
-Jay R. Longley, Jr.
Founder/President of Rainbow Sandals

 I have an extensive collection of Rainbow Sandals in my closet and Mr. Jay R. Longley, Jr. is so right when he talks about the quality of these sandals being second to none.  Each pair I own is still in great condition and some of these I’ve had since my college years, I’m 29 now, so you can do the math!  Most people are aware of Rainbow’s awesome quality, so I’m not going to drag on too much about the great aspects (they last FOREVER) of these sandals but rather show you some of the new options popping up.  They aren’t just your classic style anymore, with new additions like crystal detailing, double layer arch, thin straps, wide straps  and even collegiate team logos,  Rainbow Sandals are still making waves around town!

You can find your very own pair of Rainbow’s at The Streets at Southpoint on the second level right next to the food court.

Premier Leather Sierra Brown Single Layer Arch

The Cape Collection Rubber Sole

 Two Tone Leather Black Single Layer

Color Crystal, Premiere Leather Pink and White Single Layer Arch

Premiere Leather Pink and Blue Double Layer Arch

UNC Chapel Hill Molded Rubber 
North Carolina State Molded Rubber

Single Layer Premiere Leather with Logo on Heel

Rainbow’s for Kids!
 Premiere Leather Pink Kids $28
 Kids Dark Brown Rubber Cape $24

Be sure to make a stop by the Rainbow’s cart next time you are in the area!  Whatever preference you have, there is a Rainbow Sandal for you!  And don’t forget, they last a lifetime and the comfort and quality can’t be beat!

This blog is hosted by Weinberg Harris & Associates, 623 W. 34th St., Baltimore MD, 21211

Last Minute Beach Items For the Weekend!

25 May

I know a lot of you are heading east this holiday weekend to hit the sand and surf, don’t forget to check that list and make sure you have everything!
Still missing a few key items or just wanting to update a few of the old items, head to Southpoint before your trip and grab the essentials!

Solstice Sunglass Boutique
last few days of this offer


 Text the keyword “SOLSTICE” to 50304 and you’ll receive an exclusive offer of $50 off your purchase of select shades straight to your phone that you can use instantly!
Offer ends on the 31st, so now is the time do it!!

May I suggest the super fabulous Christian Dior Paname/s
Perfect for a day on the beach or sipping cocktails dockside with your friends.  These shades scream fun!

Or how bout a sleek pair of Maui Jim MJ Pilot Polarized Sunglasses
These shades will last a life time.  The stainless steel aviator is totally in right now and get this, the lens and frames are saltwater safe, so no worries taking these to the beach with you!

Don’t leave home without your tan!  Get a natural glow in the time it takes you to drive to the beach!
Sevin Nyne Sunless Tanner
by Lindsay Lohan and tanning expert Lorit Simon

Mist or Lotion
Mist On sale$17.00
Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist brings you a red-carpet-ready glow courtesy of tanning expert Lorit Simon. This easy-to-use, airbrush-style formula creates a natural, caramel-infused kiss of color. You will fall in love with your flawless tan and the delectable fragrance that comes with it—forget the typical spray tan scent.
Lotion On Sale $17.00
Achieve a gorgeous, golden glow with this nourishing, temporary-tanning essential. The formula creates a kiss of color instantly and develops a deeper shade over four hours. Additional applications create a more sunkissed look.

3. Trendy Beach Towels
It’s not just your bathing suit making waves at the beach this year, pull out a colorful over-sized beach towel and really make a statement!

Lolita Towels
For the Beach Diva in all of us!
Sassy and vibrant to make your beach getaway that much more fun!
On Sale $24.99

4.  Beach Bags
Forever 21
I featured this perfect little gem a couple weeks ago and I still haven’t been able to get it off my mind.  This bag is a perfect carry all you can throw on your back – with everything else you have to carry, chairs, coolers, umbrellas, this bag leaves a little more space in your hand!
Tribal Print Tote

5. Stylish Cover Ups
I am in love with this Peacock Feather Pattern Tunic Cover Up!

 Scissor cut fringe is all the rage this season and you can jump on the trend with this fabulous Make + Model Fringe Cover Up

Have fun this weekend whatever you do!  If you decide to stay in town, don’t forget about the Music on Main Free Concert Series this Saturday!  It’s always a blast and the weather is going to be ideal for live music and good times! And hey, you never know when you might run into a magician!  Last weekend in the open air section near the cinema circle stage we walked right into a live juggling act, kids were ecstatic (and I have to admit, I was too)!

This blog is hosted by Weinberg Harris & Associates, 623 W. 34th St., Baltimore MD, 21211
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